Do you want to show our troops support but don't know how?? Let us help you!

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Would you help us? Everything you donate will be put to good use - to show our troops we care. Operation Show Our Love,  Brookville, OH 45309

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Operation: Show our Love


 List Of Most Needed Items

Individual drink mix powder sticks to put in bottled water Beef jerky, Slim jims

Cup o soups (the ones in plastic cups you just add water to) Chewing gum

Fruit snacks

Eye drops

Baby wipes



Our Mission is to improve the morale of our Military Personnel who are overseas fighting for our freedom and to let them know that those of us at home care about them and support them! We do this by collecting and shipping donations of snacks and toiletries to allow our troops to have a 'part of home' in a foreign land, and humanitarian items to distribute to the local population to build relationships that will help now as well as in the future.


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Updated Stats:

140,357 pounds shipped

    4,769 packages sent  

     1,550 units supported